Tolerance and Intolerance in the European Reformation

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Januar 2002



An expert re-interpretation of how religious toleration and conflict developed in early modern Europe.


1. Introduction Ole Peter Grell; 2. The travail of tolerance: containing chaos in Early Modern Europe Heiko A. Oberman; 3. Preconditions of tolerance and intolerance in sixteenth century Germany Bob Scribner; 4. Heresy executions in Reformation Europe, 1520-1565 William Monter; 5. Un Roi, Une Loi, Deux Fois: parameters for the history of Catholic-Reformed co-existence in France, 1555-1685 Philip Benedict; 6. Confession, conscience, and honour: the limits of magisterial tolerance in sixteenth-century Strassburg Lorna Jane Abray; 7. One Reformation or many? Protestant identities in the Later Reformation in Germany Euan Cameron; 8. Toleration in the Early Swiss Reformation: the art and politics of Niklaus Manuel of Berne Bruce Gordon; 9. Tolerance and intolerance in sixteenth-century Basle Hans R. Guggisberg; 10. Exile and tolerance Ole Peter Grell; 11. The politics of toleration in the Free Netherlands, 1572-1620 Andrew Pettegree; 12. Archbishop Cranmer: concord and tolerance in a changing church Diarmaid MacCullogh; 13. Toleration for catholics in the Puritan Revolution Norah Carlin; 14. The question of tolerance in Bohemia and Moravia in the age of the Reformation Jaroslav Panek; 15. Tolerance and intolerance in sixteenth-century Hungary Katalin Peter; 16. Protestant confessionalization in the towns of Royal Prussia and the practice of religious toleration in Poland-Lithuania Michael G. Muller.


'Sophisticated in its approaches and detailed in its presentation, this book will contribute significantly to the study of the Reformation.' David Parnham, Journal of Religious History
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