Ties That Bind: African American and Hispanic American/Latino/A Theologies in Dialogue

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April 2001



Five African-American and five Hispanic/Latino(a) theologians here explore their common historical and cultural heritage and their similar chronicle of struggle and affirmation. The aim is to develop overarching meaning systems that encourage and sustain holistic imagination, notions of self and communal integrity, social activism and solidarity. Among the topics treated are the core themes, concerns and historical development of these two theologies; the roles played by scripture, tradition, imagination and individual and collective experience; popular religion; Womanist and Mujerista theologies; ways of dealing with pain, suffering and subjugation; and strategies for building bridges between communities of struggle.


Contributors include: Victor Anderson, Justo L. Gonzales, Dwight N. Hopkins, Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, Nancy Pineda-Madrid, Anthony Pinn, Harold J. Recinos, Chandra Taylor Smith, Diane Stuart, and Benjamin Valentin.


"The articles in this book are written by an impressive list of African American and Hispanic/Latino/a scholars from across the United States. The real strength of this book is in the effective ways it serves to inform and stimulate the reader's own reflection on strategies for understanding and meeting the challenges of genuine dialogue for the task of building solidarity." Rev. Sheryl A. Kujawa, The Living Church, March 17, 2002
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