Theological Foundations for Ministry

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August 1999



This is a collection of essential passages on the ministry of the church. By selecting significant sources which share a common assumption concerning the nature of theology and its methodology, the editor presents a single consistent theology of ministry. The book is carefully organised to allow a thorough exploration of the different aspects of ministry. Contributors include Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Hans Kng, Helmut Thielicke and Thomas F. Torrance.


Ray S. Anderson is Associate Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena.


'...everyone who is willing to study the doctrine of ministry in a wider theological context will discover a gold mine.'

'A fulsome celebration of a timeless neo-orthodoxy untainted by what is contemporary or merely topical.'
John Saxbee, Theological Book Review
'A strong collection of texts. The collection has the virtue of being more than a 'smogasbord', it represents the family of modern Reformed theology, which has been through the fires of the twentieth century and proved itself. It will serve ministers very well as a stimulus to preaching and praxis.'
Timothy Bradshaw, Regents Reviews
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