Theatre and Religion: Lancastrian Shakespeare

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This important collection of essays focuses on the place of Roman Catholicism in early modern England, bringing new perspectives to bear on the question of whether Shakespeare himself was Catholic. Among the many topics discussed are the nature of Elizabethan Catholicism, Jesuit drama in the period, individual plays in the light of these questions, and the possible influence of religious conflicts on the publication of the Shakespeare First Folio.


1. Introduction: A torturing hour - Shakespeare and the martyrs, Richard Wilson 2. Bare ruined choirs - remembering Catholicism in Shakespeare's England, Eamonn Duffy 3. Shakespeare's Jesuit schoolmasters, Peter Milward S.J. 4. Jesuit drama in early modern England, Robert Miola 5. Richard Verstegan and Catholic resistance: the encoding of antiquarianism and love, Donna Hamilton 6. Catilines and Machiavels: reading Catholic resistance in 3 Henry VI, Randall Martin 7. 'This Papist and his Poet': Shakespeare's Lancastrian kings and Robert Parson's Conference about the Next Succession, Jean-Christophe Mayer 8. Catholic exiles in Flanders and As You Like It; or, what if you don't like it at all?, Carol Enos 9. Requiem for a prince: rites of memory in Hamlet, Gerard Kilroy 10. Richard Topcliffe: Elizabeth's enforcer and the representation of power in King Lear, Frank Brownlow 11. Learned pate and golden fool: a Jesuit source for Timon of Athens, Sonja Fielitz 12. Cymbeline and the sleep of faith, Margaret Jones-Davies 13. Shakespeare and Catholicism, Arthur Marotti 14. The cultural politics of Maybe, Gary Taylor Index


Richard Dutton is Humanities Distinguished Professor at Ohio State University Alison Findlay is Professor of Renaissance Drama at the University of Lancaster Richard Wilson is Sir Peter Hall Professor of Shakespeare Studies at Kingston University, London
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