The UN Secretary-General and Moral Authority: Ethics and Religion in International Leadership

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Provides insight into how religious and moral leadership functions in the realm of international relations, and how the promotion of ethical values works to diffuse international tensions and improve the quality of human life around the world.


Introduction Kent J. Kille 1. Moral Authority and the UN Secretary-General's Ethical Framework Kent J. Kille 2. Seeking Balance: The Secretary-General as Normative Negotiator Dorothy V. Jones 3. The House that Trygve Lie Built: Ethical Challenges as the First UN Secretary-General James P. Muldoon Jr. 4. The UN Charter, the New Testament and Psalms: The Moral Authority of Dag Hammarskjold Alynna J. Lyon 5. U Thant: Buddhism in Action A. Walter Dorn 6. An Ethical Enigma: Another Look at Kurt Waldheim Michael T. Kuchinsky 7. Religion, Ethics and Reality: A Study of Javier Perez de Cuellar Barbara Ann Rieffer-Flanagan and David P. Forsythe 8. A Realist in the Utopian City: Boutros Boutros-Ghali's Ethical Framework and its Impact Anthony F. Lang Jr. 9. Politics and Values at the United Nations: Kofi Annan's Balancing Act Courtney B. Smith 10. The "Secular Pope": Insights on the UN Secretary-General and Moral Authority Kent J. Kille Contributors Index


Kent J. Kille is associate professor of political science and chair of the international relations program at The College of Wooster.


"[T]his is an excellent volume and should prove useful and intriguing for students of all collegiate levels, as well as for researchers, diplomats, ethicists, persons of faith, and anyone generally interested in the U.N. and international peace and security." -- Human Rights & Human Welfare "Well worth the effort to all those interested in the future of humanity. Religious dynamics shaping societies will continue to dominate conflicts and relations in the next century, and those working in the fields of intelligence, international law, military science, conflict management, and political science would all benefit from deeper understanding of these connections." -- International Journal of Intelligence Ethics
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