The Ulster Crisis: 1885-1921

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Dezember 2005



Between 1885 and 1922 the question of Irish Home Rule became increasingly focused on the province of Ulster, and especially on Ulster Unionist responses to a Dublin parliament. This book explores the making of a specifically Ulster dimension to this crisis and its impact on Ulster politics.


The Ulster Crisis: A Conundrum; A.O'Day The Political Economy of the Ulster Crisis: Historiography, Social Capability and Globalisation; G.Brownlow The State and the Citizen: Unionists, Home Rule, Ulster and the British Constitution; D.G.Boyce The Irish Volunteers: A Machiavellian Moment?; M.Kelly The Landed Elite, Power, and Ulster Unionism; N.C.Fleming Irish Nationalism in Ulster, 1885-1921; A.C.Hepburn Actions and Views: John Brownlee Lonsdale, Unionist MP, 1900-18, and Party Leader, 1916-18; B.M.Walker Seeking Conciliation: William O'Brien and the Ulster Crisis, 1911-1914; S.Warwick-Haller 'Not a Historical but a Prospective Application?': The 1798 Rising as Recalled in the Irish Popular Press of 1898; M.Mulholland 'Ireland is out for blood and murder': Nationalist Opinion and the Ulster Crisis in Provincial Ireland, 1913-14; M.Wheatley The Irish Independent and the Ulster Crisis, 1912-21; P.Maume The Conserving Crowd: Mass Unionist Demonstrations in Liverpool and Tyneside, 1912-13; D.M.Jackson & D.M.MacRaild The Ulster Volunteer Force, 1910-1920: New Perspectives; T.Bowman The Royal Visit to Belfast, June 1921; G.McIntosh Chronology of Key Events Contributors Index


Edited By D. George Boyce and Alan O'Day
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