The Ulster Crisis: 1885-1921

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Between 1885 and 1921 the question of Irish Home Rule became increasingly focused on the province of Ulster, and especially on Ulster Unionist responses to a Dublin parliament. This book explores the making of a specifically Ulster dimension to this crisis and its impact on Ulster politics. D. George Boyce and Alan O'Day also trace its outcome in the partition of Ireland and the establishment of a Home Rule parliament in Northern Ireland - an outcome which still has resonances today.


The Ulster Crisis: A Conundrum; A.O'Day The Political Economy of the Ulster Crisis: Historiography, Social Capability and Globalisation; G.Brownlow The State and the Citizen: Unionists, Home Rule, Ulster and the British Constitution; D.G.Boyce The Irish Volunteers: A Machiavellian Moment?; M.Kelly The Landed Elite, Power, and Ulster Unionism; N.C.Fleming Irish Nationalism in Ulster, 1885-1921; A.C.Hepburn Actions and Views: John Brownlee Lonsdale, Unionist MP, 1900-18, and Party Leader, 1916-18; B.M.Walker Seeking Conciliation: William O'Brien and the Ulster Crisis, 1911-1914; S.Warwick-Haller 'Not a Historical but a Prospective Application?': The 1798 Rising as Recalled in the Irish Popular Press of 1898; M.Mulholland 'Ireland is out for blood and murder': Nationalist Opinion and the Ulster Crisis in Provincial Ireland, 1913-14; M.Wheatley The Irish Independent and the Ulster Crisis, 1912-21; P.Maume The Conserving Crowd: Mass Unionist Demonstrations in Liverpool and Tyneside, 1912-13; D.M.Jackson & D.M.MacRaild The Ulster Volunteer Force, 1910-1920: New Perspectives; T.Bowman The Royal Visit to Belfast, June 1921; G.McIntosh Chronology of Key Events Contributors Index


Edited By D. George Boyce and Alan O'Day
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