The Syntax of the Celtic Languages

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November 2005



Examines Celtic languages in comparative perspective, with a substantial introduction to the field.


Introduction Robert D. Borsley and Ian Roberts; 1. Long head movement in Breton Robert D. Borsley, Maria-Luisa Rivero and Janig Stephens; 2. Some syntactic effects of suppletion in the Celtic copulas Randall Hendrick; 3. Fronting constructions in Welsh Maggie Tallerman; 4. Bod in the present tense and in other tenses Alain Rouveret; 5. Pronominal enclisis in VSO languages Ian Roberts and Ur Shlonsky; 6. Aspect, agreement and measure phrases in Scottish Gaelic David Adger; 7. A minimalist approach to some problems of Irish word order Jonathan David Bobaljik and Andrew Carnie; 8. Subjects and subject position in Irish James McCloskey; 9. Negation in Irish and the representation of monotone decreasing quantifiers Paolo Acquaviva; 10. On structural invariance and lexical diversity in VSO Languages: arguments from Irish noun phrases Nigel Duffield; References.


"...useful for both practitioners of P&P syntax and 'fellow travelers' working on Celtic syntax from other perspectives." H. Paul Manning, Anthropological Linguistics "...provides solid and deep insight into major syntactical issues in the Celtic languages." Journal of Indo-European Studies "...the volume is a valuable contribution to the existing literature on Celtic syntax" Canadian Journal of Linguistics "...they cover considerable ground, and the volume is a valuable contribution to the existing literature on Celtic syntax." Maire B. Noonan, Canadian Journal of Linguistics
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