The State of Democracy in America

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August 2001



In this wide-ranging assessment of democracy in America today, fifteen respected scholars of American politics chart the strengths and weaknesses of the nation's democratic mechanisms and outline the challenges that lie ahead. They focus not on specific policies or elections but on the quality of American political life, the representativeness of its governing institutions, and the issues of racial and economic equity.The contributors cover a broad spectrum of the American political process. Topics include the extent and nature of political participation, the relevance of political parties, political fundraising and its policy consequences, demographic change and its likely effect on the national political agenda, and the future of racial politics. Others explore how representative Congress really is today, how the market economy affects public policy, the use of impeachment as a political weapon, and the degree of corporate influence on the political process. A final chapter explores the circumstances likely to shape policy agendas over the course of the twenty-first century.Taken together, these essays provide a clear picture of political evolution during the past fifty years and discuss possible problems and issues of the future. Written for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, the book is a thoughtful, well-documented, critical analysis of contemporary American democracy.


1. Politics and Policy for a New Century Michael S. Dukakis, Northeastern University
2. Introduction: Perspectives on an Evolving Democratic Experiment in a New Century (and Millennium) William Crotty, Northeastern University
3. Political Mobilization in America M. Margaret Conway, University of Florida
4. Public Support for the Party System in the United States Diana Owen, Georgetown University; Jack Dennis, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and Casey A. Klofstad, Harvard University
5. Party Relevance over Time William Crotty, Northeastern University
6. Does Congress Represent the American People Donald R. Matthews, University of Washington
7. The Enduring Dilemma of Political Tolerancee in American Political History George E. Marcus, Williams College
8. The Future of Racial Politics: Beyond: Beyond Fatalism Edward G. Carmines, Indiana University, and Paul M. Sniderman, Stanford University
9. The Limits of the Market: New Examinations of an Old Problem Betty Glad, University of South Carolina
10. Crossroads Blues: Business Representation, Public Policy, and Economic Growth for the Twenty-First Century Cathie Jo Martin, Boston University
11. Blowing Smoke: Impeachment, the Clinton Presidency, and the Political Economy Thomas Ferguson, University of Massachusetts at Boston
12. The Battle between Issue Expanders and Containers: The Elderly behind the Wheel in the Twenty-First Century Roger W. Cobb, Brown University, and Joesph F. Coughlin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Contributors Index


William J. Crotty is Thomas P. O'Neill Chair in Public Life, director of the O'Neill Center for the Study of Democracy, and professor of political science at Northeastern University. His books include The Politics of Presidential Selection (HarperCollins, 1996) and the four-volume Political Science: Looking to the Future (Northwestern University Press, 1991).


"A thoughtful, challenging, and critical analysis of contemporary American democracy." -- Democratization
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