The Sorting Society: The Ethics of Genetic Screening and Therapy

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September 2008



A look at the ethical, legal and social issues raised by genetic testing and therapy.


Preface; 1. Introduction Janna Thompson and Loane Skene; 2. Genetic testing, an informed choice Agnes Bankier and David Cram; 3. Sex selection: sorting sperm as a gateway to the sorting society? Edgar Dahl; 4. Cloning to avoid genetic disease Lynn Gillam; 5. Procreative beneficence: reasons to not have disabled children Julian Savulescu; 6. Reprogenic technologies: balancing parental procreative autonomy and social equity and justice Leslie Cannold; 7. Genetic technology and intergenerational justice Janna Thompson; 8. Genetic preselection and the moral equality of individuals David Neil; 9. Genes, identity, and the 'expressivist critique' Rob Sparrow; 10.Overstating the biological: geneticism and essentialism in social cloning and social sex selection Mianna Lotz; 11. The sorting society - a legal perspective Loane Skene.


Loane Skene is Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Janna Thompson is Associate Professor of Philosophy at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.
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