The Post-subcultures Reader

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Once it was just Mods and Rockers or Hippies and Skinheads. Now we have Riot Grrls and Rappers; Modern Primitives and Metalheads; Goths, Clubcultures and Fetishists; Urban Tribes, New Age Travellers and Internet fan groups. In a global society with a rapid proliferation of images, fashions and lifestyles, it is -unsurprisingly - becoming increasingly difficult to pinpoint what 'subculture' actually means. Enthusiastically adopted by the media and academia, 'subculture' may be a convenient way to describe more unconventional aspects of youth culture, but it does little to help us comprehend the diverse range of youth groups in today's so-called 'postmodern' world. How can we begin to rethink, reformulate and replace outdated notions of 'subcultures' to make them applicable to the experiences of youth in the twenty-first century? And to what extent does this involve the challenging of past orthodoxies about spectacular subcultural styles?
From Seattle anarchist punks to UK Asian underground music, Canadian female X-Files fans to Australian dance cultures, this groundbreaking book draws on a wide variety of international case studies to investigate the new relationships among youth subcultural music, politics and taste. Is it possible to work within the existing limitations of 'subculture', or has the concept exhausted its usefulness? Can attempts at re-conceptualization, such as neo-tribes, sub-streams and micro-networks, adequately capture the experience of fragmentation, flux and fluidity that is central to contemporary youth culture?
This timely book is the first to challenge and reconsider the use of 'subculture'. In doing so, it questions the possibility and relevance of whatmight be termed 'post-subcultural studies' and helps to chart the emergence of a new paradigm for the study of youth subculture.


What is 'Post-subcultural Studies' Anyway? Tastefully Renovating Subcultural Theory: Making Space for a ew Model Image, Body and Performativity: The Constitution of Subcultural Practice in the Globalized World of Pop 'Oh Bondage, Up Yours!' Or Here's Three Chords, Now Form a Band: Punk, Masochism, Skin, Anaclisis, Defacement Post-Rave Technotribalism and the Carnival of Protest Bridging the Micro-Gap: Is there such a Thing as Post-subcultural Politics? Unlearning to Raver: Techno-Party as the Contact Zone in Trans-Local Formations Constructing 'Neo-Tribal' Identities through Dress: Modern Primitives and Body Modification Between Criminal and Political Deviance: A Sociological Analysis of the New York Chapter of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation Racial Hybridity: Latinas/os as the Paradigmatic Transnational Post-subculture 'Race' and Class in the 'Post-subcultural' Economy Diaspora Experience, Music and Hybrid Cultures of Young Migrants in Vienna Global Youth Cultures in Localized Spaces: The Case of the UK New Asian Dance Music and French Rap Heavy Metal and Subcultural Theory: A Paradigmatic Case of Neglect? The Death and Life of Punk, the Last Subculture 'Lady' Punks in Bands: A Subculturette? Resisting Subjects: DIY Feminism and the Politics of Style in Subcultural Production 'The X-Files', Online Fan Club and the David Duchovny Estrogen Brigades 'Net.Goth': Internet Communication and (Sub)Cultural Boundaries Internet Subcultures and Oppositional Politics


David Muggleton Senior Lecturer in Sociology,University College Chichester Rupert Weinzierl Freelance Researcher in Cultural Studies


The Post-Subcultures Reader is a solid textbook for those who want a guide through subcultural theory after the Birmingham Centre's beatification. Youth Studies Australia, vol. 24, no. 3, 2005 This fascinating study ...unpacks the complex and personal meanings of femininity as they are worked through at the level of body and clothes. Julia Twigg, University of Kent, UK
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