The Piano Master Classes of Franz Liszt, 1884-1886: Diary Notes of August Gollerich

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The diaries of August G llerich, secretary and student of Franz Liszt, provide a first-hand account of the Master's approach to piano teaching, hispreferences and prejudices both musical and social, and his way of encouraging andbefriending his students. They contain the mature Liszt's suggestions forinterpreting his own works and those of his friend Chopin and of many othercomposers, offering invaluable advice from the most spectacular pianist of the 19thcentury. Pianists interested in the history of performance practice and the Romanticera will learn from and take delight in this volume.


Acknowledgments; Translator's Introduction The Piano Master Classes of Franz Liszt, 1884-1886 Foreword; Literature; Abbreviations; Chronology of August Gollerich's Life; Introduction to the Diaries The Diaries of August Gollerich 1. Weimar: May 31, 1884-July 6, 1884; 2. Weimar: June 16, 1885-June 27, 1885; 3. Weimar: June 28, 1885-September 29, 1885; 4. Rome: November 11, 1885-January 12, 1886; 5. Pest: February 18, 1886-February 25, 1886; 6. Pest: Before March 2, 1886-March 6, 1886; 7. Weimar: May 17, 1886-May 31, 1886; 8. Weimar: June 15, 1886-June 26, 1886 Appendix A: "Liszt," from The Memoirs of Frederic Lamond; Appendix B: "Liszt as Teacher," by Jose Vianna da Motta Glossary; Bibliography; Notes; Index


Richard Louis Zimdars is Despy Karlas Professor of Piano at the Hodgson School of Music at the University of Georgia. He is translator and editor of The Piano Master Classes of Hans von Bulow: Two Participants' Accounts (IUP, 1993)."


"[Liszt] gives practical tips, drawn from a well of experience sans pareil ... demonstrates how to project second-rate music (a Rubinstein concerto) ... [and] suggests ways of coping with the truly profound (in response to a student's performance of Beethoven's Diabelli Variations)." Times Literary Supplement "If one could go back in time and space, I feel sure most pianists ... would desire to go back to [Lizst's] time to study with this great personality--but we cannot. However, in this book you have it all." Keyboard Teacher "An unbelievable source of knowledge and thus indispensable ... Belongs with the most important [diaries] in the Liszt literature." Lizst Saeculum
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