The Normal Child

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November 2006



The Normal Child provides a modern description of the normal variation of physical and behavioural features in the infant and young child. By reference to the abnormal, it will explain how to recognise and distinguish between normal variation and abnormal development that should be investigated further.


List of abbreviations
1. Genetics
2. Embryology
3. Preterm and multiple birth
4. Growth
5. Feeding
6. Sleep
7. Cognitive, emotional and behavioural development
8. Speech and communication
9. Play
10. Motor skills, gait and co-ordination
11. Special senses: vision, hearing and skills integration
12. Social environment
13. Boundaries of normal in health
14. Postscript: two case studies Appendix 1: Tables of normal neurodevelopmental data Appendix 2: Immunisation Index


This new text was fortuitously released as I began my own placement in Child Health and I found it served as an excellent introduction to child development. In particular it highlighted the normal variation that can be seen in children, both physically and psycho-behaviourally.
It is written with all health care professionals in mind and consequently explores a broad range of areas related to child development, all with an emphasis on child health.
"Leicester University Medical Student"
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