The New Institutionalism in Sociology

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This volume integrates two increasingly visible streams of research--economic sociology and new institutional economics--to better understand how ties among individuals and groups facilitate economic activity alongside and against the formal rules that regulate economic processes via government and law.


Foreword Robert K. Kerton; Introduction; 1. Sources of the new institutionalism Victor Nee; Part I. Institutions and Social Norms: 2. Embeddedness and beyond: institutions, exchange and social structure Victor Nee and Paul Ingram; 3. Of coase and cattle: dispute resolution among neighbors in Shasta County Robert C. Ellickson; 4. Cultural beliefs and the organization of society: a historical and theoretical reflection on collectivist and individualist societies Avner Greif; 5. Conflict over changing social norms: bargaining, ideology, and enforcement Jack Knight and Jean Ensminger; 6. Embeddedness and immigration: notes on the social determinants of economic action Alejandro Portes and Julia Sensenbrenner; Part II. Institutional Embeddedness in Capitalist Economies: 7. The organization of economies Gary G. Hamilton and Robert Feenstra; 8. Institutional embeddedness in Japanese labor markets Mary C. Brinton and Takehiko Kariya; 9. Winner-take-all markets and wage discrimination Robert H. Frank; 10. Institutions and the labor market Bruce Western; Part III. Institutional Change and Economic Performance: 11. Economic performance through time Douglass C. North; 12. changing the rules; interests, organizations, and institutional change in the US hospitality Paul Ingram; 13. The importance of the local: rural institutions and economic change in preindustrial England Rosemary L. Hopcroft; 14. Outline of an institutionalist theory of inequality: the case of socialist and postcommunist Eastern Europe Ivan Szelenyi and Eric Kostello; Index.


Mary C. Brinton is Professor of Sociology at Cornell University. She is the author of several books, including "Women and the Economic Miracle: Gender and Work in Postwar Japan." Victor Nee is Goldwin Smith Professor of Sociology at Cornell University. Among his books is "Remaking the Economic Institutions of Socialism: China and Eastern Europe" (with David Stark) (Stanford, 1989).
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