The Millennium Development Goals: Raising the Resources to Tackle World Poverty

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Oktober 2005



How can the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) be made a reality by 2015? This is an up-to-date overview of the funding proposals and mechanisms now under discussion. The contributors have contributed their analyses as part of the Helsinki Process on Globalization and Democracy--an inter-governmental initiative to develop new approaches to global problem-solving. Key resource flows examined include ODA, foreign direct investment, remittances by migrants, commodity export prices, and new ideas to secure sustainable debt relief, including debt cancellation, revaluation of IMF gold reserves, debt arbitration, and other proposals.


Introduction - Fantu Cheru and Colin Bradford Jr;
1. Global Inequality, Poverty and Justice: Empirical and Policy Issues - Raimo Vayrynen;
2. Development Finance through Overseas Development Assistance (ODA): Trends, Projections, Gaps and Key Issues - Tony Addison and George Mavrotas;
3. Making Sense of the Cost of Reaching the Millennium Development Goals - Jan Vandermoortele and Rathin Roy;
4. Foreign Direct Investment and Innovative Ways of Raising Finance from the Private Sector - Tony Addison and George Mavrotas;
5. Remittances by Migrants as Innovative Sources of Finance - Andres Soimano;
6. The Commodities Crisis and Global Agricultural Trade: Some Proposals - Martin Khor;
7. Globalization, Debt and the Hoover Effect: How Poor Countries are Financing the Rich - Ann Pettifor;
8. Beyond HIPC: Secure Debt Relief for Poor Countries - Nancy Birdsall and Brian Dees;
9. Debt Workout Mechanisms; Debt Arbitration - Kunibert Raffer;
10. Financing Health as Key MDG - David Tipping, Daniel Adom and Anne Tibaijuka;
11. A Political Agenda for Global Economic Governance - Colin Bradford and Fantu Cheru


Fantu Cheru is professor of development studies at American University, Washington D.C. His recent publications include African Renaissance (Zed Books 2002). Colin Bradford Jr is visiting fellow at The Brookings Institution. The contributors are economists in this volume from leading development institutions. They include Ann Pettifor, director of Jubilee Research, New Economics Foundation, and Martin Khor, director of the Third World Network, Malaysia and the author of several Zed titles.
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