The Lives of Thomas Becket

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August 2001



Through the eye-witness and contemporary biographical accounts, this book provides valuable insight into the late-12th century world. The extracts, many previously untranslated, expose one of the most controversial figures of the Middle Ages. Written as the shock of Becket's murder in 1170 reverberated around Europe, the accounts provide vivid testimony to the most dramatic events of his life. They show how he became champion of the church and enemy of the king, fled into exile to lead a life of asceticism and political agitation, and returned to face martyrdom before the altar of his own cathedral.


List of maps Foreword Preface Abbreviations Introduction 1. The road to Canterbury (?1118-62) 2. Conflict with the King (1162-4) 3. Exile (1164-6) 4. Diplomacy and discord (1167-70) 5. Martyrdom (1170-3) 6. Dissenting Voices Index


Michael Staunton is Lecturer in Medieval History at University College Dublin
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