The Land and Property Rights of Women and Orphans in the Context of HIV and AIDS: Case Studies from Zimbabwe

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April 2007



Based on interviews with key informants, focus group discussions, and a semi-structured interview questionnaire, this study--framed around four Zimbabwean sites located in communal, resettlement, and urban areas--provides revealing empirical evidence and new insights as to how the land question has unfolded with particular reference to woman and orphans. The research critically examines Zimbabwe's land and agriculture policies, and the utilization and efficacy of legal redress. It suggests and develops policy responses to cushion the impact of HIV/AIDS on local communities, especially dispossessed women, and analyzes the critical roles played by women in establishing and managing urban and rural support initiatives.


Introduction and background to the study; study sites, research instruments and study limitations; the land and property rights of widows, other vulnerable women and orphans in the study sites; livelihood strategies of widows, other vulnerable groups of women and orphans in the study sites; policy issues and recommendations.


Kaori Izumi is a land tenure and rural institutions officer, and an HIV and AIDS focal point for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Sub Regional Office for Southern and East Africa.
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