The Illicit Global Economy and State Power

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Februar 1999



Illicit cross-border flows, such as the smuggling of drugs, migrants, weapons, toxic waste, and dirty money, are proliferating on a global scale. This underexplored, clandestine side of globalization has emerged as an increasingly important source of conflict and cooperation among nation-states, state agents, nonstate actors, and international organizations. Contrary to scholars and policymakers who claim a general erosion of state power in the face of globalization, this pathbreaking volume of original essays explores the selective nature of the state's retreat, persistence, and reassertion in relation to the illicit global economy.


Chapter 1 Introduction: International Relations and the Illicit Global Economy Chapter 2 Transnational Organized Crime: The New Authoritarianism Chapter 3 State Power and the Regulation of Illicit Activity in Global Finance Chapter 4 The Illicit Trade in Hazardous Waste and CFCs: International Responses to Environmental Bads Chapter 5 When Policies Collide: Market Reform, Market Prohibition, and the Narcotization of the Mexican Economy Chapter 6 The Limits of Coercive Diplomacy: U.S. Drug Policy and Colombian State Stability Chapter 7 Obstructing Markets: Organized Crime Networks and Drug Control in Japan


H. Richard Friman is associate professor of political science at Marquette University. Peter Andreas is academy scholar at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University.


This is an important and path-breaking book. It fills a gap in the international political economy literature and is essential reading for all those interested in the security implications of illicit commodity flows and in the future of state power. In addition, criminologists who want to come to terms with the transnational nature of contemporary organized crime and various forms of illicit trafficking will find this book invaluable. The editors have not only brought together an excellent group of contributors but their own contributions are outstanding. This book crosses traditional and outmoded boundaries in international studies in a way that few others do and is a must read. -- Phil Williams, University of Pittsburgh Here, finally, is a book that analyzes the dark side of globalization, the connection between markets and crime. The Illicit Global Economy and State Power offers persuasive arguments that, through deregulation, states are central to the spreading of global crime that at the same time they also seek to fight. This book offers an essential political perspective that helps reframe the Panglossian view of globalization. -- Peter J. Katzenstein, Cornell University The contributors to this book provide a number of useful studies of transnational crime and governmental response. But The Illicit Global Economy and State Power best succeedes in demonstrating that the political economy of crime remains indispensable to understanding the selectivity of politically legitimated economic behavior. This volume contributes to a fuller and more nuanced picture of the "state of the state" in the international political economy. -- William Sites, University of Chicago Social Service Review This is a solid contribution. Progress In Human Geography An important volume that addresses several pressing issues at once. Crime, Law and Social Change The Illicit Global Economy and State Power could not have come at a better time. Friman and Andreas provide a compelling perspective on recent changes on the international scene leading to the creation of an environment ripe for the flourishing of international criminal activity. More professors of international relations should incorporate this book's content into their courses. It facilitates students' understanding of increasingly powerful nonstate actors-international criminals. -- Pernilla M. Neal, Dickinson College
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