The Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music and Musicians

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Both authoritative and a pleasure to use, this is a compact guide to the history and performance of music, with entries drawn from the "New Harvard Dictionary of Music" and "The Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music." 150 illustrations.


Don Michael Randel, former Professor of Music at Cornell University and Professor of Music and President of the University of Chicago, is President of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Considering scope, reliability, and cost, this is the preferred single-volume music reference for college libraries, even though it overlaps the works on which it is based, which are in most academic collections. It will appeal to undergraduates and students majoring outside music, and will give reference librarians a promising first port of call for many types of inquiry. -- G.A. Marco Choice Since 1944 (when Willi Apel published the first edition) and down through dozens of revised editions, The Harvard Dictionary has been an indispensable reference tool for everyone involved in music. It contains definitions and explanations of every possible musical term, instrument, and concept, as well as short biographical notes on composers, conductors, and performers. Each new edition expands the area covered, especially globally. A spot check of the contents of this volume reveals that the concise version, edited by Randel, contains nearly all of the most important entries found in the larger edition. -- Timothy J. McGee Library Journal The Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music and Musicians is convenient and authoritative. Booklist
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