The Gulf War and the New World Order: International Relations of the Middle East

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März 1994



In this text, the Ismaels bring together experts in the field of international affairs who explore the nature and implications of the Gulf War, particularly as it affects the fashioning of a New World Order.


Part 1 The Gulf War and the International Order: Reflections on the Gulf War Experience - Force and War in the UN System, Richard Falk; The United Nations in the Gulf War, Robert Springborg; Bush's New World Order - A Structural Analysis of Instability and Conflict in the Gulf, Yasumasa Kuroda; The European Community's Middle Eastern Policy - The New Order of Europe and the Gulf Crisis, Friedemann Buettner and Martin Landgraf; Regional Co-operation and Security in the Middle East - The Role of the European Community, Timothy Niblock; Japan - An Economic Superpower in Search of Its Proper Political Role in the Post-Cold War Era, Yasumasa Kuroda. Part 2 The United States and the New World Order: Between Theory and Fact - Explaining US Behaviour in the Gulf Crisis, Shibley Telhami; The New World Order and the Gulf War - Rhetoric, Policy, and Politics in the United States, Enid Hill; The Making of the New World Order - The Role of the Media, Malcolm Hayward; Defeating the Vietman Syndrome - The Military, the Media, and the Gulf War, Andrew T. Parasiliti. Part 3 The Gulf War and the Middle East Order: Iraq and the New World Order, Marion Farouk-Sluglett and Peter Sluglett; Iran and the New World Order, Scheherazade Daneshkhu; The Gulf War, the Palestinians, and the New World Order, Cheryl A. Rubenberg; Israel and the New World Order, Meir Porat; Jordan and the Gulf War, Kamel S. Abu Jaber; Syria, the Kuwait War, and the New World Order, Eberhard Kienle; Imagining Egypt in the New Age - Civil Society and the Leftist Critique, Raymond W. Baker; Turkey, the Gulf Crisis, and the New World Order, Tozun Bahcheli. Part 4 Political Trends and Cultural Patterns: The Middle East in the New World Order - Political Trends, Louis J. Cantori; Islam, Democracy, and the Arab Future - Contested Islam in the Gulf Crisis, Raymond Baker; Islam at War and Communism in Retreat - What Is the Connection? by Ali A. Mazrui; Global Apartheid? Race and Religion in the New World Order, Ali A. Mazrui; Democracy Died at the Gulf, Richard A. Falk.
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