The Globalization of Managerial Innovation in Health Care

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An examination of patient classification systems in fifteen different countries throughout the world.


List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction Thomas d'Aunno, John R. Kimberly and Gerard de Pouvourville; 1. Origins of DRGs in the United States: a technical, political and cultural story Jon Chilingerian; 2. From Casemix in the United Kingdom: from development to plans Steve Sutch; 3. Casemix implementation in Portugal Ceu Mateus; 4. From naive hope to realistic conviction: DRGs in Sweden Rickard Lindquist; 5. Casemix in Denmark Annette Soerberg Roed, Hanne Sjuneson and Poul Erik Hansen; 6. DRGS in France Xaviere Michelot and Jean Marie Rodrigues; 7. Introduction and use of DRGs in Belgium M.-C. Closon, F. H. Roger France and J. Perelman; 8. DRG-finals in Germany: introduction of a comprehensive, prospective DRG-payment system until 2009 Gunther Neubauer; 9. Casemix in Switzerland Herve Guillain; 10. The first decade of Case Mix in Italy Paolo Tedeschi; 11. Casemix development and implementation in Australia S. J. Duckett; 12. Diagnosis procedure combination: the Japanese approach to Casemix Shinya Matsuda; 13. Casemix in Singapore Chien Earn Lee and Lim Eng Kok; 14. Experiences with the application of the DRG principle in Hungary Julia Nagy, Csaba Dozsa and Imre Boncz; 15. Case Mix systems - past, present, and future: rhe Canadian wxperience Sandra Mitchell and Andre Lalonde; 16. Conclusions: the global diffusion of Casemix Thomas D'Aunno, John R. Kimberly and Gerard de Pouvourville; Index.


John R. Kimberly is the Henry Bower Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies and Professor of Management, Health Care Systems, and Sociology at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He is also Executive Director of the Wharton/INSEAD Alliance. Gerard de Pouvourville is Professor and Chair of Health Economics and Management at the ESSEC Business School and Research Director of the National Centre for Scientific Research, Paris. Thomas d'Aunno is the Novartis Chaired Professor of Healthcare Management and Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD. He is also the Director of INSEAD's Healthcare Management Initiative.
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