The Future of Folk Psychology: Intentionality and Cognitive Science

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November 2002



The essays in this volume are concerned with the theoretical developments in cognitive science for our everyday system of exploration of human actions in terms of beliefs, attitudes, memories, and so on.


Preface; Introduction: folk psychology and scientific psychology John D. Greenwood; 1. Fodor's guide to mental representation: the intelligent auntie's vade-mecum Jerry A. Fodor; 2. Folk psychology and the explanation of human behaviour Paul M. Churchland; 3. Reasons to believe John D. Greenwood; 4. Connectionism, eliminativism, and the future of folk psychology William Ramsey, Stephen Stich and Joseph Garon; 5. Being indiscrete John Heil; 6. Two contrasts: folk craft versus folk science, and belief versus opinion Daniel C. Dennett; 7. Folk psychology is here to stay Terence Horgan and James Woodward; 8. Folk-psychological explanations Jonathan Bennett; 9. Losing your mind: physics, identity, and folk burglar prevention Simon Blackburn; 10. 'Tractarian states' and folk-psychological explanation Jay Rosenberg; 11. The autonomy of folk psychology Joseph Margolis; 12. A culturalist account of folk psychology Richard McDonough; Author index; Subject index.


"...a rich supplement to a traditional course in the philosophy of mind or a main text for a course that emphasizes just these issues. Among the book's strengths is that it collects excellent papers on folk psychology by key players in the field." Frederick Adams, Teaching Philosophy
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