The Death of a Confederate: Selections from the Letters of the Archibald Smith Family of Roswell, Georgia, 1864-1956

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Spanning nearly a century, the letters in this collection revolve around a central event in the history of a southern family: the death of the eldest son owing to sickness contracted during service in the Confederate Army. The letters reveal a slaveowning family with keen interests in art, music, and nature and an unshakable belief in their religion and in the Confederate cause. A brief history of the Smith family through 1863 begins the correspondence, while the letters following the war reveal their fortitude in the face of William's death and the hardships of Reconstruction. The volume concludes with selected letters from the subsequent generation of Smiths, who conjure images of the Old South and revive the memory of William. Like the most distinguished Civil War-era letter collections, The Death of a Confederate introduces a personal dimension to its story that is often lost in histories of this sweeping event.


Arthur N. Skinner is a professor of visual arts at Eckerd College. James L. Skinner was the Charles A. Dana Professor of English at Presbyterian College where he taught on the faculty for thirty-eight years and was editor of "The Autobiography of Henry Merrell: Industrial Missionary to the South" (Georgia, 1991). The Skinner family, who are related to the Smiths by marriage, inherited the letters in this volume, along with the Smith plantation home in Roswell, in 1981.
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