The Critical Spirit: Theology at the Crossroads of Faith and Culture

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April 2004



These eleven essays honor the life-long work of Irish theologian Daly, founder of the Irish School of Ecumenics and author of Creation and Redemption. An expert on Roman Catholic modernism, his recent contributions to theology have been in the area of creation and ecological ethics--the relationship between Christian faith and its cultural expression. These essays engage with this theological theme at a number of levels--in scripture, history, and philosophy--making it an important resource for the continuing debate on how faith's relationship to culture is to be understood.


Michael Paul Gallagher SJ - Retrieving Imagination in Theology
Werner G Jeanrond - Can We Love God?
Maureen Junker-Kenny - Christian Ethics and Culture
Dermot A Lane - Hope and Ecumenism
John D'Arcy May - Internalising the Primal Other:
Aboriginal Religion and European Christianity
A D H Mayes - Faith and Ideology in the Old Testament
Terence P McCaughey - Celtic Culture and Christianity:
The Beginnings of the Irish Experience


Both editors are former doctoral students of Gabriel Daly, now working at the Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin. Andrew Pierce is Lecturer in Ecumenical Studies and Ecumenical Studies Programme Co-ordinator. Geraldine Smyth is a Senior Lecturer in Ecumenical Studies.
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