The Contemporary Wedding Crafts

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April 2010



The modern bride's key to creating a unique wedding - projects to make and wedding ideas for a day that's personalized, handcrafted and totally unique from the moment the wedding invitations are sent. Shows how to make wedding invitations, wedding favors, jewelry, wedding decorations, wedding cakes and wedding cake toppers, wedding centerpieces and wedding gifts. Ideal for the novice crafter, with lots of clear step-by-step photography and explanation, plus tips for producing multiples such as wedding invitations.


Introduction; Invite; Create beautiful handmade cards and stationery, including advice on making large quantities; Accessorize; Tiaras, necklaces and other pretty bridal embellishment; Treat; Cookies and cupcake for the sweetest favours and gifts; Decorate; Impress the guests with table decorations to remember; Basic techniques; About the authors & suppliers; Index.
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Untertitel: Over 40 Stylish Projects for the Modern Bride. 250 colour illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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