The Company They Keep: Friendships in Childhood and Adolescence

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A major study on childhood and adolescent friendships.


1. Friendships and their significance in childhood and adolescence: introduction and comment William M. Bukowski, Andrew F. Newcomb, Willard W. Hartup; Part I. The Nature of Friendship, its Measurement and Development: 2. Amicitia, drujba, shin-yu, philia, freund, friendship: on the cultural diversity of a human relationship Lothar Krappmann; 3. The measurement of friendship perceptions: conceptual and methodological issues Wyndol Furman; 4. The earliest friendships Carollee Howes; 5. Determinants of friendship selection and quality: developmental perspectives Frances E. Aboud and Morton J. Mendelson; Part II. Interdependence of Relationship Systems: 6. Parents' interpersonal relationships and children's friendships Anna Beth Doyle and Dorothy Markiewicz; 7. Individual differences in friendship quality: links to child-mother attachment Kathryn A. Kerns; 8. Need fulfilment, interpersonal competence, and the developmental contexts of early adolescent friendship Duane Buhrmester; 9. Closeness and conflict in adolescent peer relationships: interdependence with friends and romantic partners Brett Laursen; Part III. Friendship and its Relations to Other Aspects of Development: 10. Cooperation, close relationships, and cognitive development Willard W. Hartup; 11. Friendship and morality: (how) are they related? William M. Bukowski and Lorrie K. Sippola; 12. Friendships of maltreated children and adolescents: contexts for expressing and modifying relationship history Joseph M. Price; Part IV. Friendship and Adaption: 13. The developmental significance of children's friendship relations Andrew F. Newcomb and Catherine L. Bagwell; 14. Linkages between friendship and adjustment during early school transitions Gary W. Ladd and Becky J. Kochenderfer; 15. Exploring the effects of friendship quality on social development Thomas J. Berndt; 16. Distinguishing friendship from acceptance: implications for intervention and assessment Steven R. Asher, Jeffrey G. Parker and Diane Walker.


'Friendship is one of life's most essential and rewarding forms of interpersonal relations, and is a key feature in every culture on Earth ... This book is the first multi-authored volume presenting a current forum on friendship since the early 1980s, and as such represents an important contribution to the discipline ... Recommended for all levels of readers.' Choice
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