The Classic 1000 Chinese Recipes

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Februar 2002



Presents a selection of recipes from the best Chinese restaurants. Covering the whole span of Chinese dishes, this title lead you through the popular sweet and sour specialities, the mouth-watering garlic and ginger, the crispy duck and the delicious marinades and dips that make Chinese food so irresistible.


Introduction, 7; Notes on the Recipes, 8; Appetisers, 9; Stock and Soups, 21; Seafood, 34; Beef, 96; Lamb, 132; Pork and Ham, 143; Poultry and Game, 182; Eggs, 250; Rice, 265; Noodles and Pastry, 275; Vegetables, 283; Tofu, 315; Sauces, 321; Marinades and Condiments, 328.
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