The Cistercian World

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April 1993



Founded in 1098 in Citeaux, France, the Cistercian Order sought a return to strict asceticism and a life of poverty. By the end of the 12th century, there were 530 Cistercian abbeys in Europe, and the abbot St. Bernard had become one of the most influential writers of the period. This book contains his letters, sermons, and other works, as well as biographies of other Cistercians.


CiteAuX: the early years: The Little Exord; The Admonition of Stephen Harding. Bernard of Clairvaux: From "The Vita Prima" by William of St Thierry, Arnald of Bonneval and Geoffrey of Auxerre; From "An Apologia for Abbot William"; From "The Life of Malachy the Irishman"; Three Sermons on the Song of Songs; From "On Consideration"; Nine Letters. William of St Thierry: Three Meditations. Guerric of Igny: Three Sermons. Amedeus of Lausanne: From the Fourth Homily on Mary, the Virgin Mother. Aelred of Rievaulx: From "The Life of Aelred" by Walter Daniel; From "On Spiritual Friendship"; From "The Mirror of Charity"; Pastoral Prayer. Isaac of Stella: Two Sermons. Gilbert of Hoyland: Two Sermons; Two Letters. John of Ford: From "The Life of Wtqric of Haselbury". Adam of Perseigne: Two Letters. A description of Clairvaux: A Description of Clairvaux. Through memory's door: Eight Stories from Exemplum Collections.


Translated and edited with an introduction by Pauline Matarasso
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