The Cambridge Translations of Medieval Philosophical Texts: Volume 1, Logic and the Philosophy of Language

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Juli 2003



This volume is concerned with the logic and the philosophy of language and has a comprehensive index.


1. Boethius: on division; 2. Anonymous: abbreviatios Montana; 3. Peter of Spain: predictables; categories; 4. Lambert of Auxerre; properties of terms; 5. Anonymous: syncategoremata Monacensia; 6. Nicholas of Paris syncategoremata (selections); 7. Peter of Spain: syllogisms, topics, fallacies (selections); 8. Robert Kilwardby: the nature of logic: dialectic and demonstration; 9. Walter Burley: consequences; 10. William Ockham: modal consequences; 11. Albert of Saxony: insolubles; 12. Walter Burley: obligations (selections); 13. William Heytesbury: the compounded and divided senses; 14. William Heytesbury: the verbs 'know' and 'doubt'; 15. Boethius of Dacia: the sophisma 'every man is of necessity an animal'.


"As we expect from Kretzmann, the scholarship is impeccable, and the major points the reader needs to know are made clearly and succinctly. Those of us with an interest in medieval grammar have needed for some time a guide like this to the parallel tradition." Canadian Journal of Linguistics
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