The Cambridge History of the Bible: Volume 1, from the Beginnings to Jerome

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Dezember 2003



Volume 1 of The Cambridge History of the Bible concerns the earliest period down to Jerome.


Corrections to the text; Preface; Additions to the bibliography; Part I. Language and Script: 1. The biblical languages Matthew Black; 2. The biblical script David Diringer; Part II. Books in the Ancient World: 3. Books in the ancient near east and in the old testament D. J. Wiseman; 4. Books in the Graeco-Roman world and in the new testament C. H. Roberts; Part III. The Old Testament: 5. The old testament in the making Peter R. Ackroyd; 6. Canonical and non-canonical G. W. Anderson; 7. The old testament text Shemaryahu Talmon; 8. Bible and Midrash: early old testament exegesis G. Vermes; Part IV. The New Testament: 9. The new testament in the making C. F. Evans; 10. The new testament canon R. M. Grant; 11. The new testament text J. N. Birdsall; 12. The interpretation of the old testament in the new C. K. Barrett; Part V. The Bible in the early Church: 13. Biblical exegesis in the early church R. P. C. Hanson; 14. Origen as biblical scholar M. F. Wiles; 15. Theodore of mopsuestia as representative of the antiochene school M. F. Wiles; 16. Jerome as biblical scholar H. F. D. Sparks; 17. Augustine as biblical scholar Gerald Bonner; 18. The place of the Bible in the liturgy J. A. Lamb; Bibliography; Abbreviations; Notes on the plates; Plates; Indexes; General; Biblical and other references.


'This volume is a distinguished achievement. Its scholarship is sound and up to date. Nowhere else, it is safe to say, will a reader find so comprehensive and informed an account of the wide field it covers.' Times Literary Supplement 'Once again the editors, publishers and contributors have produced a magnificent volume well worthy to stand alongside its two predecessors ... Judged by any standaed, the History is a landmark in Bible scholarship.' The Evangelical Quarterly 'Professors Ackroyd and Evans have assembled an exceptionally distinguished team for this volume, and the resultant composition is as instructive as it is readable ... Altogether this is an excellent work.' Bulletin of the SOAS 'An indispensable work of reference both for historical theology and for the history of biblical scholarship.' Expository Times
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