The Cambridge Companion to Arvo Part

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An authoritative guide to Arvo Part, this Companion provides a rounded picture of the man and his music.


Chronology; 1. Introduction: the essential and phenomenal Arvo Part Andrew Shenton; 2. A narrow path to the truth: Arvo Part and the 1960s and 1970s in Soviet Estonia Immo Mihkelson; 3. Arvo Part after 1980 Jeffers Engelhardt; 4. Musical archetypes: the basic elements of the tintinnabuli style Leopold Brauneiss; 5. Analyzing Part Thomas Robinson; 6. Arvo Part: in his own words Andrew Shenton; 7. Bells as inspiration for tintinnabulation Marguerite Bostonia; 8. Arvo Part and spirituality Robert Sholl; 9. The minimalism of Arvo Part: an 'antidote' to modernism and multiplicity? Benjamin Skipp; 10. Arvo Part in the marketplace Laura Dolp; Appendices: A. Radiating from silence: the works of Arvo Part seen through a musician's eyes Andreas Peer Kahler; B. Greatly sensitive: Alfred Schnittke in Tallinn Arvo Part; C. Remembering Heino Eller Arvo Part; D. Acceptance speech for the International Bridge Prize of the city of Gorlitz Arvo Part; E. Acceptance speech given for the Leonie Sonning Music Prize 2008 Arvo Part; Works list; Bibliography.


Andrew Shenton is Associate Professor of Music at Boston University.


'A persuasive act of stimulation and provocation.' Classical Music '... substantial, with thoughtful and unobvious editorial decisions behind the book's make-up.' The Wire
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