Cambridge Companion To Aphra Behn

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November 2004



Traditionally known as the first professional woman writer in English, Aphra Behn (1640-1689) has now emerged as one of the major figures of the Restoration, providing more plays for the stage than any other author and greatly influencing the development of the novel. Behn's work straddles the genres of drama, fiction, poetry and translation. With its full bibliography, detailed chronology and a description of the known facts of her life, this Companion is essential to studying her work.


Chronology Mary Ann O'Donnell; 1. Aphra Behn: the documentary record Mary Ann O'Donnell; 2. Behn, women and society Susan Staves; 3. Aphra Behn and the Restoration theatre Derek Hughes; 4. The political poetry of Aphra Behn Melinda S. Zook; 5. Behn's dramatic response to Restoration politics Susan J. Owen; 6. Tragedy and tragicomedy Janet Todd and Derek Hughes; 7. Behn and the unstable traditions of social comedy Robert Markley; 8. The Cavalier myth in The Rover Helen M. Burke; 9. 'The Story of the heart': Love-Letters between a Nobleman and his Sister Ros Ballaster; 10. Oroonoko: reception, ideology, and narrative strategy Laura J. Rosenthal; 11. 'Others', slaves and colonists in Oroonoko Joanna Lipking; 12. The short fiction (excluding Oroonoko) Jacqueline Pearson; 13. Pastoral and Lyric: Astrea in Arcadia Jessica Munns; 14. Aphra Behn's French translations Line Cottegnies; Further reading.
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