The Book Club Connection: Literacy Learning & Classroom Talk

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Mai 1997



This is a comprehensive text about the beliefs, issues, and practices at the forefront of literacy education -- language, ethnic, and academic diversity; authentic assessment; social construction of meaning and knowledge -- explored through the lens of a cohesive instructional design, the Book Club Program. As such, it provides a well-researched pedagogical model.


Part 1 The Book Club Programme Foundations and Components: Theoretical and Research Foundations; Classrooms as Communities; Reading in the Book Club Programme; When Readers Write; Contexts for Students to Lead Their Own Discussions. Part 2 Extending Research on the Book Club Programme: Talk About Text Among Special Education Students; Ingles y Espanol - Second-Language Learners in a Mainstream Classroom; The Cross-Aged Literacy Project - Preparing Struggling Adolescents; Assessment Research; Students Speak - Book Club from Our Perspective. Part 3 Teacher-Researchers in the Book Club Programme: Reflective Teaching for Continuing Development; Extensions to Early Elementary Classrooms; They Can Do It Too! - Book Club with First and Second Graders; The Content-Area Connection; A Portfolio Approach.
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