The Black Death

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Dezember 1994



This source book traces, through contemporary writings, the calamitous impact of the Black Death in Europe, with particular reference to its spread across England from 1345 to 1349.


Part 1 Narrative accounts: the plague in Europe - the arrival of the plague, the plague in Florence, Pafua, Sicily, Avignon, the plague seen from Tournai, the plague in France - according to Jean de Venette, according to the Great Chronicle, the plague in central Europe; The plague in Britain - the arrival of the plague at Bristol, the arrival of the plague near Bristol, the arrival of the plague in Dorset, the plague spreads, the plague spreads to London, the plague in York, the plague according to Thomas Walsingham, the plague seen from Lincolnshire, the plague at Meaux Abbey, the plague seen from Rochester, the plague according to John of Reading; the plague according to Henry Knighton, the plague according to Geoffrey le Baker, the plague in Ireland, the plague in Scotland, the second pestilence 1361, the third pestilence 1369, the fourth pestilence 1374-9, the fifth pestilence 1390-3. Part 2 Explanations and responses: the religious response - the response in Exeter, masses to be said in times of plague, the sins of the times, indecent clothing as a cause of the 1348-9 epidemic, the disobedience of children, the sins of the English, rumours of Antichrist; scientific explanations - the report of the Paris medical faculty 1248, the astrological causes of the plague (Geoffrey de Meaux), the dangers of corrupted air, earthquakes as a cause of the plague, plague regulations of Bernabo Visconti Lord of Milan, Parliament statute of 1388; human agency - well-poisoning, the persecution of the Jews, examination of Jews captured in Savoy, accusations of well-poisoning against the poor. Part 3 Consequences: the impact of the plague - Petrarch on the death of friends, the death of Princess Joan, the Wakebridge family, deaths in Walsham le Willows, burial problems in Worcestershire, a new burial ground in Newark, a shortage of priests to hear confession, an immediate fall in revenue, unwillingness to take on vacant properties, reduction in labour services; repercussions - land values before and after the plague, unwillingness to take on parochial responsibilities, a case under the ordinance of labourers, difficulties in finding tenants, rebellious serfes at Wawne, the fate of the sinful.
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