The Anatomy of Impact: What Makes the Great Works of Psychology Great

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Juli 2003



The Anatomy of Impact brings together experts in the philosophy, theory, and history of psychology to analyze works of monumental impact and examine what separates some of the most influential psychological works from those that are less successful. Evaluating the careers of eminent scholars and practitioners like Freud, Lewin, James, and Binet, this volume identifies and describes particularly important works, pinpoints specific attributes that led to great impact, and offers practical advice to students and professionals striving to achieve substantial impact in their own work.


Francis Galton's "Hereditary Genius" - Its Place In the History and Psychology Of Science, Dean Keith Simonton; A Profound and Radical Change - How William James Inspired the Reshaping of American Psychology, David Leary; Franz Brentano, Donald E. Polkinghorne; The Impact Of Sigmund Freud And "The Interpretation Of Dreams", Stanley B. Messer, Nancy Mcwilliams; Alfred Binet's Contributions as a Paradigm For Impact In Psychology, Robert J. Sternberg, Linda Jarvin; Lessons In "Greatness" From Kurt Lewin's Life And Works, Ellen Berscheid; The Dramaturgical Approach to Social Psychology - The Influence of Erving Goffman, Theodore R. Sarbin; A Science off Persons - Exploring the Impact Of R.D. Laing's "The Divided Self" On Psychology, Frederick J. Wertz, Michael Alcee; Content and Context - the Impact of Campbell And Stanley, William R. Shadish, Glenn Philips, M.H. Clark; Understanding Disciplinary Significance - Allen Bergin's 1980 Article of Values, Brent D. Slife, Matthew Whoolery; Impact as Substance and Fashion, Daniel N. Robinson; Impact In Psychology - Final Reflections, Frank C. Richardson.
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