The American Reader: Words That Moved a Nation

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September 2000



This revised historical anthology of Americans speaking their minds contains more than 200 poems, speeches, songs, letters, and other expressions arranged in chronological order. From Woody Guthrie to Thomas Jefferson, the nation's most notable spokespersons pay tribute to the nation's character and values.


"Patriotic in the best and broadest, nonpartisan, and large-spirited sense.""-- Booklist""The American Reader is a splendid collection of the words and sentiments that have shaped our nation. It belongs in every American home."-- E. D. Hirsch, author of "Cultural Literacy""This unique multicultural patchwork of political and literary American writ-ings-some famous, some virtually unknown-is a treasure." -- "USA Today""Far more than a marvelous collection of text and images, Ravitch's anthology is also a journey through the American democratic experience. And by showing us the contributions diverse Americans have made to articulating our common democratic ideals and to our efforts to live up to them, Ravitch has provided a sourcebook of unity for our 'teeming Nation of nations.'"-- Albert Shanker, former president, "American Federation of Teachers"
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