The Age of Chopin: Interdisciplinary Inquiries

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This multidisciplinary collection addresses Chopin's life and oeuvre invarious cultural contexts of his era. Fourteen original essays byinternationally-known scholars suggest new connections between his compositions andthe intellectual, literary, artistic, and musical environs of Warsaw and Paris.Individual essays consider representations of Chopin in the visual arts; receptionin the United States and in Poland; analytical aspects of the mazurkas and waltzes;and political, literary, and gender aspects of Chopin's music and legacy. Severalsenior scholars represent the fields of American, Western European, and Polishhistory; Slavic literature; musicology; music theory; and art history.


Introduction: "Chopin Then and Now: A Fantasy" Daniel Stone
Part I: Memories, Images, and Dreams
1: "Chopin at Home" Bozena Shallcross;
2: "Delacroix's Portrait of Chopin as a Surrogate Self-Portrait" John Nici;
3: "The Monument of Fryderyk Chopin: Concepts and Reality" Waldemar Okon;
4: "'Remembering that tale of grief': The Prophetic Voice in Chopin's Music" Halina Goldberg
Part II: Analytical Perspectives
5: "Idiosyncrasies of Phrase Rhythm in Chopin's Mazurkas" Carl Schachter;
6: "Dance and the Music of Chopin: The Waltz" Eric McKee;
7: "Chopiniana and Music's Contextual Allusions" Marianne Kielian-Gilbert;
Part III: Gender, Genre, Genius
8: "'Nuit plus belle qu'un beau jour': Poetry, Song, and the Voice in the Piano Nocturne" James Parakilas;
9: "Gender and Genius in Post-revolutionary France: Chopin and Sand" Whitney Walton
Part IV: Chopin Appropriated
10: "Chopin Reception as Reflected in Nineteenth-Century Polish Periodicals: General Remarks" Zofia Chechlinska;
11: "The Polish Reception of Chopin's Biography by Franz Liszt" Irena Poniatowska;
12: "Chopin and the 'Polish Race': On National Ideologies and Chopin Reception" Maja Trochimczyk;
13: "'A composer known here but to few': Reception and Performance Styles of Chopin's Music in America, 1839-1900" Sandra P. Rosenblum


Halina Goldberg is Assistant Professor of Musicology at Indiana University. Her research centers on the musical and cultural environment of Chopin s Warsaw, performance practice issues, questions of reception, and the musical, social, and political creation of national constructs."


Emanating from a 1999 interdisciplinary conference at Indiana University, Bloomington, these 13 essays are grouped under four headings: Memories, Images, and Dreams, Analytical Perspectives, Gender, Genre, Genius, and Chopin Appropriated. Likely of interest to inexperienced readers will be the comparison of Eugene (Eugene) Delacroix's 1837 self-portrait with his incomplete 1838 portrait of Chopin; the history of Waclaw Szymanowski's Chopin monument in Warsaw, which was unveiled in 1926, destroyed by the Germans in 1940, and reconstructed in 1958; the reception of Chopin's music with its national character as reflected in 19th-century Polish periodicals; and the spreading popularity of Chopin's music in the US from 1839 to 1900. More specialized essays propose that waltzes Chopin chose to publish were those depicting dancers' physical motions; describe contexts in which Chopin's music is found in ballet, cinema, and television; and examine the Polish spirit, Polish race, and Chopin as a wieszes, or prophet/patriot. Other articles propose that the forerunner of Chopin's nocturnes was the Italian vocal nocturne and investigate the meanings of 19th-century French thinking and whether it was exclusively masculine. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through faculty; general readers.--J. Behrens, The Glenn Gould School, The Royal Conservatory of Music"Choice" (01/01/2004)
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