Territoriality and Conflict in an Era of Globalization

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April 2006



Predictions that globalization would undermine territorial attachments and weaken the sources of territorial conflict have not been realized in recent decades. Bringing the perspectives of law, political science, anthropology, and geography to bear on the complex causal relations among territoriality, conflict, and globalization, leading contributors examine how territorial attachments are constructed, why they have remained so powerful in the face of an increasingly globalized world, and what effect continuing strong attachments may have on conflict. They argue that territorial attachments depend upon the symbolism it plays in constituting peoples identities.


1. Territoriality and conflict in an era of globalization Miles Kahler; 2. Bounded communities: territoriality, territorial attachment, and conflict H. E. Goemans; 3. On giving ground: globalization, religion, and territorial detachment in a Papua New Guinea society Joel Robbins; 4. The resilience of territorial conflict in an era of globalization David Newman; 5. Diasporas and homeland conflict Terrence Lyons; 6. Territory and war: state size and patterns of interstate conflict David A. Lake and Angela O'Mahony; 7. Globalization, economic development, and territorial conflict Erik Gartzke; 8. The death of distance? The globalization of armed conflict Halvard Buhaug and Nils Petter Gleditsch; 9. The evolution of territoriality: international relations and American law Kal Raustiala; 10. Trade and territorial conflict in Latin America: international borders as institutions Beth A. Simmons; 11. Conclusion Barbara F. Walter.


Miles Kahler is Rohr Professor of Pacific International Relations at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego. Publications include International Institutions and the Political Economy of Integration, Governance in a Global Economy (co-edited with David Lake, Leadership Selection in the Major Multilaterals, Legalization and World Politics (co-editor) and Capital Flows and Financial Crises (editor). Barbara F. Walter is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, University of California, San Diego. She is the author of Committing to Peace: the Successful Settlement of Civil Wars (2002) and co-editor, with Jack Snyder of Civil Wars, Insecurity, and Intervention (1999).


'The book provides interesting new theoretical insights, drawing especially on rational choice approaches that have become so prominent in the study of international relations...the book is a very useful corrective to the earlier widespread but now implausible belief that globalization would quickly lead to the erasure of borders, territoriality, and conflict." -Tony Porter, McMaster University, Canadian Journal of Political Science
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