Tax Policy in the Real World

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November 2007



Non-technical discussion by leading economists and scholars, illustrating how the principles of tax analysis can be applied to real-world issues.


1. The real world of tax policy Joel Slemrod; 2. Federal tax reform Jane G. Gravelle, Peter Birch Sorensen, John L. Mikesell, Matthew N. Murray and Martin D. Ginsburg; 3. Federalism and subfederal taxes Richard M. Bird, Edward M. Gramlich, Wallace E. Oates, John M. Quigley, Daniel L. Rubinfeld, Steven D. Gold, Andrew Reschovsky, Helen F. Ladd, John Yinger, William H. Oakland, Paul N. Courant and Timothy J. Bartik; 4. Principles, politics, and the professors Alan J. Auerbach, R. Glenn Hubbard, Eric Engern, Jonathan Skinner, Jonas Agell, Peter Englund, Jan Sodersten, Alan J. Auerbach, James Alm, Louis Kaplow, Randall G. Holcombe, Walter Hettich, Stanley Winer, James Poterba, Joel Slemrod, William G. Gale and Michael Keen.


"The authors, all leading analysts in their fields, bring the current arguments into an accessible form that would be attractive for government analysts as well as students and researchers in economics, law, political science, and public administration." Choice
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