Strikes, Wars, and Revolutions in an International Perspective: Strike Waves in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

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April 2002



Essays on labour conflicts in major industrialized countries before, during and after World War I.


Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Theories and realities Charles Tilly; 2. The historical setting in Russia and the West Leopold H. Haimson; Part II. Models and Realities: 3. Introduction Leopold H. Haimson and Eric Brian; 4. Changing forms of labor conflict: secular development or strike waves? Friedhelm Boll; 5. Strikes and power in Britain, 1870-1920 James E. Cronin; 6. Two strike waves in Imperial Russia, 1905-7, 1912-14 Leopold H. Haimson and Ronald Petrusha; 7. Strikers in revolution: Russia, 1917 Diane Koenker and William G. Rosenberg; 8. Strikes in Imperial Russia, 1895-1913: a quantitative analysis V. I. Bovykin, L. I. Borodkin and Y. I. Kiryanov; 9. Labor conflicts in Italy before the rise of fascism, 1881-1923: a quantitative analysis Lorenzo Bordogna, Gian Primo Cella and Giancarlo Provasi; 10. Strikes and politics in the United States, 1900-19 P. K. Edwards; Part III. Workers in Metal-Processing Enterprises in Comparative Perspective: 11. From the mechanic to the metallo Michelle Perrot; 12. Strikes of machinists in the United States, 1870-1922 David Montgomery; 13. The political economy of British engineering workers during the First World War Keith Burgess; 14. The rationalization of class struggle: strikes and strike strategy of the German Metalworkers' Union, 1891-1922 Elisabeth Domansky; 15. Scientific management and the changing nature of work in the St. Petersburg metalworking industry, 1900-14 Heather Hogan; 16. Structural processes of change and changing patterns of labor unrest: the case of the metal-processing industry in Imperial Russia, 1890-1914 Leopold H. Haimson; 17. Social characteristics, attitudes, and patterns of strike behaviour of metalworkers in Italy during the First World War Bruno Bezza; Part IV: The Effects of Short-Term Variation: 18. Introduction Charles Tilly; 19. Economic cycles and labor conflicts in Germany during the first quarter of the twentieth century Friedhelm Boll; 20. The crisis of state and society in Britain, 1917-22 James E. Cronin; 21. Strikes and the war Hugues Lagrange; 22. Labor unrest in Imperial Russia on the eve of the First World War: the roles of conjunctural phenomena, events, and individual and collective actors Leopold H. Haimson; 23. Strikes in Russia, 1917: the impact of revolution Diane Koenker and William G. Rosenberg; Part V. Conclusion: 24. Conclusion Leopold H. Haimson.


"...a stimulating contribution, combining broad analysis with particular research, and successfully reaffirming the usefulness of quantitative study." Geoff Eley, Journal of Interdisciplinary History
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