Statecraft and Security

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September 1998



A comparative analysis of international security issues in the post-Cold War era.


Introduction Ken Booth; Part I. Cold War: Lessons and Legacies: 1. Cold Wars of the mind Ken Booth; 2. Who is to blame for the Cold War Raymond L. Garthoff; 3. Nuclear lessons of the Cold War Richard Ned Lebow and Janice Gross Stein; 4. A Cold War life, and beyond Ken Booth, Michael Clarke, Donald Daniel, Cori Dauber, Michael Herman and John McDonnell; Part II. Post-Cold War: Power and Policies: 5. Can the United States lead the world John Steinbruner; 6. Can Russia escape its past? Oles M. Smolansky; 7. Imperialism, dependency and autocolonialism in the Eurasian space Karen Dawisha; 8. Western Europe: challenges of the post-Cold War world Catherine McArdle Kelleher; 9. Europe and the wider world: the security challenge Robert O'Neill; 10. A new Japan? A new history? Geoffrey Hawthorn; 11. New China, new Cold War? Michael Cox; 12. Africa: crisis and challenge; 13. Of medium powers and middling roles Denis Stairs; Part III. Beyond: Resistances and Re-inventions: 14. International peace and security in the twenty-first century Barry M. Blechman; 15. Affluence, poverty and the idea of a post-scarcity society Anthony Giddens; 16. The future of the human past Philip Allott; Conclusion: security within global transformation Ken Booth; Index.


'Statecraft and Security is an excellent collection of essays by a distinguished group of scholars.' David Williams, Times Literary Supplement 'This is a lively and stimulating collection of essays on post-Cold War international relations ... Without exception, each of these chapters contains expert analysis and scholarship of the highest quality.' Political Studies
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