State, Society and Mobilization in Europe During the First World War

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Juni 2002



Comparative essays on the political and cultural 'mobilization' of populations during the First World War.


List of contributors; Preface; 1. Introduction: mobilising for 'total war', 1914-1918 John Horne; Part I. National Ideals: 2. German artists, writers and intellectuals and the meaning of war, 1914-1918 Wolfgang J. Mommsen; 3. Children and the primary schools of France, 1914-1918 Stephane Audoin-Rouzeau; 4. War, 'national education' and the Italian primary school, 1915-1918 Andrea Fava; Part II. Solidarities and Minorities: 5. Mobilising labour and socialist militants in Paris during the Great War Jean-Louis Robert; 6. Between integration and rejection: the Jewish community in Germany, 1914-1918 Christhard Hoffmann; 7. Wackes at war: Alsace-Lorraine and the failure of German national mobilisation, 1914-1918 Alan Kramer; Part III. Army and Nation: 8. Discipline and morale in the British army, 1917-1918 David Englander; 9. Remobilising the citizen-soldier through the French army mutinies of 1917 Leonard V. Smith; 10. The German army, the authoritarian nation-state and total war Wilhelm Deist; 11. Morale and patriotism in the Austro-Hungarian army, 1914-1918 Mark Cornwall; Part IV. The Limits and Consequences of Mobilisation: 12. Remobilising for 'total war': France and Britain, 1917-1918 John Horne; 13. Mobilisation and demobilisation in Germany, 1916-1919 Richard Bessel; 14. The Italian experience of 'total' mobilisation, 1915-1920 Paul Corner and Giovanna Procacci; Notes; Index.


'... this is a very good collection of essays which makes a substantial contribution to understanding the First World War.' Labour History Review
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