Stability and Change in Relationships

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September 2011



This 2002 volume presents research and theory on stability and change in personal relationships.


Part I. Actors: The Scaffolding of Stability and Change: 1. Change in relationship knowledge representations Paula R. Pietromonaco, Jean-Philippe Laurenceau and Lisa Feldman Barrett; 2. Personality effects on personal relationships over the life span Jens B. Asendorpf; 3. An intergenerational model of romantic relationship development Chalandra M. Bryant and Rand D. Conger; 4. How relationships begin and end: a genetic perspective David T. Lykken; Part II. Behaviors: The Processes of Stability and Change: 5. Serial arguing over the relational life course: antecedents and consequences Michael E. Roloff and Kristen Linnea Johnson; 6. Communication, relationships concerns, and satisfaction in early marriage Patricia Noller and Judith A. Feeney; 7. Sacrifice in romantic relationships: an exploration of relevant research and theory Sarah Whitton, Scott Stanley and Howard Markman; 8. Stability and change in social relations: perspectives from gerontology and stress research David A. Chiriboga; 9. What microanalysis of behavior in social situations can reveal about relationships across the life span Rebecca M. Warner; 10. Developing a multifaceted view of change in relationships Ronald D. Rogge and Thomas N. Bradbury; Part III. Contexts: The Social Environment for Stability and Change: 11. Social networks and change in personal relationships Susan Sprecher, Diane Felmlee, Terri L. Orbuch and Marion C. Willetts; 12. Creating a context for change: integrative couple therapy Jennifer Wheeler and Andrew Christensen; 13. Passionate love and sexual desire: cultural and historical perspectives Elaine Hatfield and Richard L. Rapson; 14. Rules for responsive robots: using human interactions to build virtual interactions Joseph N. Cappella and Catherine Pelachaud.
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