Sport and Postcolonialism

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Februar 2003



Sport has been largely neglected in postcolonial studies. This book fills the gap by exploring the effect of the colonial legacy on sport both locally and globally. Sport was a major tool of colonial power. Postcolonialism manifests itself in the modern sporting world in several ways, from the huge number of world class athletes from former European empires to the exploitation by the sporting goods industries of child-workers in postcolonial nations. Many former colonial states place considerable importance on elite sport as a form of representation, yet a small number of such states oppose sport in its western form. This book explores the wealth of issues and experiences that comprise the postcolonial sporting world and questions whether sport can act as a form of resistance in postcolonial states and if so, how such resistance might manifest itself in the rule-bound culture of sport.


John Bale Visiting Professor of Sports Studies,University of Aarhus, Denmark and Professor of Sports Geography, Keele University Mike Cronin Senior Research Fellow, De Montfort University


'Another splendid academic study from Berg.'Programme Monthly and Football Collectable 'Bale and Cronin have provided a clear and remarkably jargon-free overview of the potential of postcolonialism for informing us about sport.'Sport, Education and Society
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