Specific Learning Disabilities and Difficulties in Children and Adolescents: Psychological Assessment and Evaluation

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In this book, an expert international team looks at all the recently available methods for measuring intelligence in young people.


Preface Alan S. Kaufman and Nadeen L. Kaufman; Part I. History and Tradition: 1. History lessons Margaret Jo Shepherd; 2. The Wechsler intelligence scales Gary Groth-Marnat; Part II. Alternative Cognitive Approaches to Learning Disabilities Assessment and Remediation: 3. Applications of the Woodcock-Johnson tests of cognitive ability - revised (WJ-R) to the diagnosis of learning disabilities Nancy Mather and Richard W. Woodcock; 4. The Kaufman tests - K-ABC and KAIT Elizabeth O. Lichtenberger; 5. Using the cognitive assessment system with learning disabled children Jack A. Naglieri; 6. Application of the British Ability Scales (BAS II) and Differential Ability Scales (DAS) for the assessment of specific learning disabilities Colin D. Elliott; 7. Is dynamic assessment compatible with the psychometric model? Reuven Feuerstein and Raphael S. Feuerstein; 8. Multi-perspective, clinical-educational assessments of language disorders Elisabeth H. Wiig; Part III. Neuropsychological Approaches to Learning Disabilities Assessment and Remediation: 9. Learning disabilities and their neurological foundations, theories, and subtypes Otfried Spreen; 10. The Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery: research findings and clinical application Ralph M. Reitan and Deborah Wolfson; 11. Developmental assessment of neurological function with the aid of the NEPSY Marit Korkman, Sarah L. Kemp and Ursula Kirk; 12. Clinical neuropsychological assessment of child and adolescent memory with the WRAML, TOMAL, and CVLT-C Erin D. Bigler and Wayne V. Adams; Part IV. Integration and Summation: 13. Assessment of specific learning disabilities in the new millennium: issues, conflicts, and controversies Alan S. Kaufman and Nadeen L. Kaufman; Index.


'... the book gives thorough descriptions of the key assessment tools and presents balanced arguments, that make a positive contribution to the debate about the assessment and evaluation of SLD ... I would recommend it as a useful, up-to-date resource both for established clinicians and for trainees new to the field.' British Journal of Clinical Psychology 'Specific Learning Disabilities and Difficulties in Children and Adolescents is a remarkable synthesis of a vast amount of information and a noteworthy reference book for all clinicians.' Journal of Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology 'For those who are involved with the assessment of children with specific learning disabilities, and who wish to explore more in-depth methods of looking at these disabilities, this book offers a great deal of information.' Journal of Child & Adolescent Mental Health 'The book makes a valuable contribution to clinical practice and will reward consultation ...I read it from cover to cover and learnt from it.' European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
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