Spaces of Geographical Thought

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Spaces of Geographical Thought examines key ideas - like space and place - which inform the geographic imagination. The text: discusses the core conceptual vocabulary of human geography: agency: structure; state: society; culture: economy; space: place; black: white; man: woman; nature: culture; local: global; and time: space; explains the significance of these binaries in the constitution of geographic thought; and shows how many of these binaries have been interrogated and re-imagined in more recent geographical thinking.
A consideration of these binaries will define the concepts and situate students in the most current geographical arguments and debates. The text will be required reading for all modules on the philosophy of geography and on geographical theory.


Deconstructing Human Geography's Binaries - Paul Cloke and Ron Johnston
Agency : Structure - Nicky Gregson
State : Society - Joe Painter
Culture : Economy - Trevor Barnes
Space : Place - John Agnew
Black : White - Susan J Smith
Man : Woman - Lynda Johnston
Nature : Culture - Michael Watts
Local : Global - Kevin R Cox
Time : Space - Mike Crang


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