Spaces for Change?

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November 2006



This book provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to the developments which have brought about a new, global wave of inclusiveness and democracy. From Brazil to Bangladesh, a new form of participatory politics is springing up. Featuring contributions detailing how such movements have worked in Latin America, Europe and Africa, the book analyzes the impact they have had on the democratic process. By opening up the political sphere in this way, the authors contend, these grassroots movements truly have created "spaces for change."


Foreword - John Gaventa Acronyms
1. Spaces for Change? The Politics of Participation in New Democratic Arenas - Andrea Cornwall and Vera Schattan P. Coelho Part I - The Challenge of Inclusion
2. Brazilian Health Councils: including the excluded? - Vera Schattan P. Coelho
3. Spaces for participation in health systems in rural Bangladesh: the experience of stakeholder community groups - Simeen Mahmud
4. Gendered subjects, the state and participatory spaces: the politics of domesticating participation in rural India - Ranjita Mohanty
5. Social change and community participation: the case of Health Facilities Boards in the Western Cape of South Africa - John J. Williams
6. Civil organizations and political representation in Brazil's participatory institutions - Graziela Castello, Adrian Gurza Lavalle and Peter P. Houtzager
7. Inclusion and representation in democratic deliberations: lessons from Canada's Romanow Commission - Bettina von Lieres and David Kahane Part II - The Politics of Institutionalised Participation 7. Negotiating participation in a Brazilian Municipal Health Council - Andrea Cornwall
8. Subverting the spaces of invitation? Local politics and participatory budgeting in post-crisis Buenos Aires - Dennis Rodgers
9. Participation, mutation and political transition: new democratic spaces in peri-urban Angola - Sandra Roque and Alex Shankland
10. Participation, mutation and political transition: new democratic spaces in peri-urban Angola - Sandra Roque and Alex Shankland
11. Citizen participation in South Africa: land struggles and HIV/AIDS activism - Bettina von Lieres
12. Whose spaces? Contestations and negotiations in health and community regeneration forums in England - Marian Barnes


Andrea Cornwall is a social anthropologist based at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. She has worked on participation, gender, and sexual and reproductive health as a researcher and trainer for the last fifteen years, mainly in Africa. She is currently involved in research on the social history of participation in development, and on citizenship, rights and accountability in health. Vera Schattan P. Coelho is a political scientist. She is a researcher and project co-ordinator at the Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her interests centre on new forms of citizen participation, deliberation, and consultation to improve social policies and democracy. She is the author of numerous articles on health policy, pension reform, and participatory governance and is editor of Pension Reform in Latin America (FGV, 2003) and Participation and Deliberation in Contemporary Brazil (with Marcos Nobre, 34 Letras, 2004).
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