Southeast Asian Minorities in the Wartime Japanese Empire

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The Japanese invasion and occupation of southeast Asia provided opportunities for the peoples of the region to pursue a wide range of agendas that had little to do with the larger issues which drove the conflict between Japan and the allies. This book explores how the occupation affected various minority groups in the region. It shows, for example, how in some areas of Burma the withdrawal of established authority led to widespread communal violence; how the Indian and Chinese populations of Malaya and Thailand had extensive and often unpleasant interactions with the Japanese; and how in Java the Chinese population fared much better.


Prologue Paul H. KratoskaJapan and South-East Asia1. The Japanese Imperium and South-East Asia: An Overview Gregory ClanceyBurma/Myanmar2. The Karen of Burma under Japanese Rule Paul H. Kratoska3. Between China and the Japanese: Wartime Affairs in Kokang State and the Failure of the Spiers Mission Paul H. KratoskaIndonesia4. Japanese Policy towards the Chinese on Java, 1942-1945: A Preliminary Outline Elly Touwen-Bouwsma5. Chinese Leadership and Organization in Yogyakarta during the Japanese Occupation Didi Kwartanada6. In Pursuit of Mica: The Japanese and Highland Minorities in Sulawesi Lorraine V. AragonMalaya7. Japanese Army Policy toward the Chinese and Malay-Chinese Relations in Wartime Malaya Cheah Boon KhengBorneo8. The 1943 Kinabalu Uprising in Sabah Hara Fujio9. The Japanese Occupation and the Peoples of Sarawak Ooi Keat Gin10. The Pontianak Incidents and the Ethnic Chinese in Wartime Western Borneo Kaori MaekawaThailand11. The Indian Community and the Indian Independence Movement in Thailand during World War II E. Bruce Reynolds12. The Thai-Japanese Alliance and the Chinese of Thailand Eiji MurashimaPhilippines13. The Battle of Tamparan: A Maranao Response to the Japanese Occupation of Mindanao Kawashima Midori
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