Sounding Heaven and Earth

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Mai 2013



This anthology celebrates a great diversity of approaches to praying. Giving voice to the heights and depths of human experience from which prayer arises, here can be found prayers of longing, hope, trust, love, wonder, contemplation, thankfulness. There are also poignant voices expressing fear, grief, anger, dread, lament and loss.


David Grubb is Chief Executive of The Spire Trust. Formerly a university lecturer in English literature, he has had two volumes of poetry published, including "Voices of Kosovo". He lives in Henley.


"Here is an anthology which tries to do some justice to the variety of prayer, to both its accessibility and its challenge and mystery. I am very glad to commend it."
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Untertitel: New Voices in Prayer. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Canterbury Press
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