Social Justice and Social Policy in Scotland

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August 2012



Offers a critical engagement with the state of social policy in Scotland, one of the devolved nations of the UK. This book focuses on a diverse range of topics and issues, including income inequalities, work and welfare, criminal justice, housing, education, health and poverty, reflecting the themes of social inequality and social justice.


Chapter 1: Devolution, Social Justice and Social Policy: The Scottish Context ~ Gerry Mooney and Gill Scott; Chapter 2: Between Autonomy and Dependency: State and Nation in the Devolved Scotland ~ Alex Law; Chapter 3: Income and Wealth Inequalities in Scotland since 1997; Carlo Morelli and Paul Seaman; Chapter 4: From Social Inclusion to Solidarity: Anti-Poverty Strategies Under Devolution ~ Stephen Sinclair and John McKendrick; Chapter 5: Regeneration Policy and Equalities Issues ~ Gill Scott; Chapter 6: Migration, Race Equality and Discrimination: a Question of Social Justice ~ Philomena de Lima; Chapter 7: Health Policy and Health Inequalities ~ Lynne Poole; Chapter 8:The Coming of Age of Scottish Social Services? ~ Sue Dumbleton and Mo McPhail; Chapter 9: Education Policies and Social Justice ~ Margaret Arnott and Jenny Ozga; Chapter 10: Policies for young people in contemporary Scotland: A 'Lost Generation'? ~ Eddy Adams; Chapter 11: Criminal Justice, Social Inequalities and Social Justice ~ Hazel Croall; Chapter 12: Working Scotland ~ Christine Bertram and Sharon Wright; Chapter 13: Social Housing and Homelessness Policies: Reconciling Social Justice and Social Mix ~ Kim McKee and Danny Phillips; Chapter 14: Environmental Justice: A Question of Social Justice? ~ Eurig Scandrett; Chapter 15: Conclusion: Towards a New Phase of Devolution? ~ Gill Scott and Gerry Mooney


Gerry Mooney is a senior lecturer in social policy and criminology in the faculty of social sciences at Open University. Gill Scott is professor emeritus of social justice at Glasgow Caledonian University. Together they are coauthors of "Exploring Social Policy in the "New" Scotland," also published by the Policy Press.


"It is the central concern with issues of social inequality and social justice that binds this collection of papers on key areas of social policy in contemporary Scotland and makes it so compelling. This is an invaluable text not only for those in Scotland but for all concerned with developments in social policy across the devolved UK and elsewhere." Charlotte Williams OBE, Keele University. " Mooney and Scott have brought together a range of contributions that demonstrate the challenges Scotland faces, and the possibilities and constraints in different policy arenas that are available to its policy makers and citizens. This book offers important lessons for Scottish and wider UK social policy and will be required reading for students, policy makers and practitioners. " Kirstein Rummery, University of Stirling.
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