Sisters with Power

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November 2000



In this collection, women from different cultural and church backgrounds share their experiences, discussing the role and influence of women in the church. Issues addressed range from women in leadership and Christian mothers to feminism and the perspective of younger women.


Bishop Dr Joe Aldred is bishop in the Church of God of Prophecy, Secretary for Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs with Churches Together in England; and Chair of the Council of Black-led Churches. He is a broadcaster with the BBC, an author of Respect Understanding Caribbean British Christianity; and editor of Preaching with Power, Praying with Power, and Sisters with Power (Continuum).


"I found my understanding deepened and both my interest and sympathy exited. Sisters With Power lives up to its title. The range is impressive The reader is left in no doubt of the powerful effect of slavery and of patriarchal domination on the lives of contemporary black women. Nor can one escape the negative values which often shape women's position in church society. But the lasting effect is a recognition of the strength for creative good here, which the churches surely must value." The Expository Times, August 2001
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